Luffy strikes very powerfully, also thanks to the Gom Gom fruit, which allows him to use the body's elastic action in addition to elasticity. Such an effect is of course not reproducible, since this is only in reality ONE PIECE. Despite this, there are many powerful people in the series.

Getting to their level requires training, and lots of it. Even without the Haki, power peaks can be reached, allowing you to go head-to-head with some of the supporting characters from ONE PIECE. There will soon be a gym in Japan that will allow anyone to reach this level.

In 2023, in Shibuya, a well-known district of Tokyo where much of city life is concentrated day and night, a Gym inspired by the world of ONE PIECE dubbed "ONE PIECE FITNESS BragMen". The structure is inspired by the book Brag Men, which actually appeared in the manga and which many consider full of lies, so much so that it is considered a work of fiction.

The trainers will be in this facility disguised as members of the Navy There will also be a points system to encourage customers to educate themselves, while there will be a section called "Pirate School" for children.

It will be difficult to learn Luffy's Gears, but maybe you can become one of the strongest marines in ONE PIECE.

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