First, the fate of the heroes turned in the heroes' favor thanks to a deadly surprise attack on two fronts War that will decide the fate of Japanese society were overthrown. To change the course of things is the awakening of Tomura Shigaraki in My Hero Academia 6x05.

That Heroes couldn't stop Tomura Shigaraki from awakening, back to attack stronger and crazier than ever. The skills that All For One and Doctor Garaki taught him aren't all available to him yet, but the villain has already recalled his most powerful weapon available.

Hitherto dormant and uninterested in the other comrades of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Gigantomachy is awakened by her master's voice. In My Hero Academia 6x07, Machia will start his wild race to reach Shigaraki, with whom he will plunge the army of heroes into fire and sword.

The gigantomachy was that most loyal servants of All For One, hidden by him from the Kamino accident. The last order given to him was to wait for a new master, namely Shigaraki. However, Gigantomachy initially rejected Shigaraki as the successor to All For One because he was still too weak. Only after a fight that lasted over 48 hours and after witnessing Re-Destro's defeat at the hands of Shigaraki, Machia recognized him as his new and only master.

Now that Shigaraki has finally challenged him, Gigantomachy is ready to unleash his seven different quirks and sow destruction on the path that separates him from his Lord.

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