Since turning into a devil and agreeing to work for public safety, Denji's life has been filled with increasingly challenging confrontations. The second part of chainsaw man However, he seems to have introduced an adversary who is on a par with the protagonist and, given their violent past, is keen to confront him.

The introduction of Asa Mitaka, and the devil Yoru, led to the appearance in the series of the war devil, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, which Fujimoto decided to freely shape in his work. War Devil declared his true intentions early on: to build an army of devils thanks to his storytelling skills unleash against the Devil Chainsega, from which it has suffered severe defeats in the past.

In Chapter 109, Denji springs into action, transforming in front of a crowd just to be noticed and neglecting the importance of keeping his identity a secret. Thanks to his powers, you can defeat the devil that attacked Asa just before. In the final pages, however, after the enemy has been killed, Denji, still transformed, looks at Yoru. It's very likely that the two won't face each other straight away in the next chapter, but Fujimoto could already give a sneak peek of what we'll see in their real fight.

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