The episode number 158 of Black clover ended with a preview of the next episode, which will introduce the new saga of the Kingdom of Swords. Let's find out what to expect in the next part of the story.

Previously, we had received some information about the new Black Clover story arc that was to appear next in the animated series. After six months of hard training, it seems that way auction and the other members of the Clover Kingdom are ready to fight the demons. The animated implementation of the last battle against the enemy country was already planned for January Jump Festa 2021 and during the same event the voice actors who will play the roles of the Dark Triad of Black Clover or the Trio of Wizards at the head of the opposing kingdom were also introduced.

At the end of this message you will see the preview the next episode, entitled "The Beginning of Hope and Despair," which seems to show the fruits of the protagonists' training. Unfortunately, not much is revealed and it will therefore be necessary to wait for that January 5th, The day the episode will be available. So we look forward to the battles between the Magic Knights and the demons ruled by Dante, Zenon and Vanica Zogratis.

What are you waiting for in the new saga? Leave us a comment.

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