During the fight with the evil wizard Molo, in Dragon Ball Super We had seen Merus die. Let's see what penalty Beerus received for breaking an angelic law on the galactic patrol.

During the terrible fight to save Goku, Merus He decided to ignore an important prescription that would result in the angel's elimination from existence. Because of this, Beerus and Whis were recalled High priest and her fate in Dragon Ball Super remained uncertain.

However, on the final pages of the manga, the punishment that the God of Destruction will face has finally been revealed, and it seems to be less worrying than expected. In fact, Chapter 76 explained how, for example, Merit of the grace requested by KaioshinMerus was spared and brought back to life as a mortal, without his own angelic powers. However, it is necessary to impose another penalty on those who allowed the patrol boat to make such a gesture for it Beerus will be forced to play with the two Zeno for a while.

Following the sentence increases the god's anger towards Goku, who is believed to be the real culprit of the ex-angel's actions. Nevertheless, it should be noted that The punishment is certainly less terrible from what Dragon Ball Super fans had speculated.

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