Sailor Moon: The popular series gets a spectacular skateboard

Long-time fans of the famous series created by Naoko Takeuchi in 1991 Sailor Moon are now used to seeing an infinite number of merchandise dedicated to Sailor Warriors, which among statues, gadgets and replicas of the famous lunar scepter still confirm number 1 among the most popular Shojo works.

Perhaps, however, many fans will be surprised that Sailor Moon and her companions have now become Protagonists of great skateboard boards. As shown in the post at the bottom of the page, the @ prod user is one of the few who managed to buy one of the limited boards from Primitive Skate, more precisely that with the protagonist Usagi Tsukino.

In fact, it is currently impossible to find them because they are sold out on the website in question. It is not the first time that Primitive Skate has been put up for sale Special and collector productsSometimes there are very few pieces that are peculiar to the anime world, especially when it comes to characters from Naruto, ONE PIECE and Dragon Ball.

Keep in mind that the pandemic has postponed the film Sailor Moon Eternal, which will be released in 2021 almost in connection with the second feature filmand we'll leave you to a nice Usagi Super Saiyan fanart.

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✌️ 7/30 @primitiveskate

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