Few characters in anime history are as wacky as those of chainsaw man. The protagonist Denji is a boy who just wants to touch a peer, while Majin Power has proven to be perhaps the worst roommate ever. The most normal of all seems to be Aki Hayakawa, who landed on the cover of a women's magazine.

But not only the characters in the story are crazy, but also the author of the Chainsaw Man manga Tatsuki Fujimoto is not far behind. Although some of his personal details are known (Fujimoto is a man born in 1993), the mangaka has never appeared publicly, creating an aura of mystery around his appearance. In the interviews he only revealed his passion for cinema, which influenced his artistic development, and for good food.

At the premiere of Chainsaw Man 1x04, Fujimoto revealed his identity to fans on Twitter, associated with the account @nagayama_koharu. The really strange thing is that before the revelation Fujimoto always pretended to be a third grade girl in profile, complete with tweets that only a young girl could do.

However, after the airing of episode 1x04, Fujimoto decided to write some "serious" tweets about Chainsaw Man, before capping his cursory social media appearance with a reveal Steal little sister's account. In the tweet you can see at the bottom of this message, @nagayama_koharu states that the brother will return to write on his profile.

It is not known if Tatsuki Fujimoto actually has a sister, but it seems that the @ accountnagayama_koharu is the exclusive property of the author, who clearly takes pleasure in impersonating an elementary school girl. A rather whimsical pastime, author's, and we're sure it is too Denji he would be surprised at such a revelation.

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