chainsaw man It was one of the most anticipated anime of the fall schedule and the fans' very high expectations were not disillusioned in the slightest. Studio MAPPA has brought out an excellent product in every respect, and its popularity continues to grow episode by episode.

The Chainsaw Man anime surpassed Studio MAPPA. Awaiting the debut of the fifth installment of the adaptation, online Power dance depopulated. But what is it about?

Each episode of the animated series will have a different ending theme, and the fourth ending of Chainsaw Man is dedicated to that theme perfomance, who has already enamored audiences with his insane madness. Anyway, in the initials in question, "Jouzai", interpreted by TOOBOE, we see the devil in a beautiful ballet. This one, called Power Dance by fans, has become viral on the social network TikTok. If you search Power Dance on the TikTok search engine, you can admire numerous users engaging in a dance that mimics that of the closing theme above.

To start this trend was Ai Farouz, voice actress who plays Power in the anime series Chainsaw Man. You can admire his performance in the tweet at the end of the article. Have you tried imitating the power dance?

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