Despite the big productions airing for the 2022 fall anime season, Spy x Family is the anime most watched by the Japanese. The Hilarious Adventures of Forger family With the first part of the series, they were able to conquer a large part of the audience, which is increasing in number with the new episodes.

Loid and Yor are very nice but winning the fans has been the little girl since the first episode Anya: The child's very nice facial expressions made happiness Wit Studiowho managed to interpret them magnificently from the manga of Tatsuya Endo. In a recent very well done fan art, Spy x Family portrays Anya as a teenager, adult, and old woman.

The young woman has also recently been the focus of the illustrations published for the anime. In fact, the official twitter account of the anime Spy x Family posted that Soundtrack cover of the series that focuses on Anya. The little girl rides her trusty Bond steed and wears a tuxedo that gives her great seriousness. At its sides sit on comfortable armchairs Loid and Yor with the same outfit. Small detail: all characters wear sunglasses that give them an air of real spies.

In the latest Spy x Family episode 1x18, we saw Anya progressing at school dusk realized he had a "competitor" in espionage. What will happen in the next episodes?

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