The beginning of Dragon Ball SuperWith the introduction of Beerus and another sphere of the divine element, he set the stage for new levels of power never seen before. The god of destruction's first epic battle against Goku ended in defeat by the Saiyan, but who would win in a possible rematch today?

Beerus is one of the strongest characters in DB Super and there will be a reason for that Toriyama and Toyotaro They repeatedly avoid getting the expected vengeance that is ordained once and for all on who is really, really stronger. A hint in this sense seems to come straight from chapter 66 of the manga, specifically from a dialogue between divinity and the protagonist.

As you can see in the pictures at the bottom of the news, Whis answers Krillin's question warns him that there is a way to defeat Molo, who has since merged with Earth, but that the success or failure of the eventuality depends on Goku. It is not clear what the angel is referring to, however shortly after Beerus made the decision with the consequences of the fall to end it in a short time since the destruction of the earth. "it would be problematic"This last statement in itself makes it clear that Beerus does not intend to destroy the planet With the Hakai, but to stop Molo with a trick. The terms God addresses reveal the safety of someone who can get things done quickly and easily without having to destroy the earth.

In fact, according to the latest developments, even Goku could easily defeat the wizard as long as he destroys his own planet. Hitting the crystal is indeed the only alternative for the protagonist, who actually puts a handicap on his head that falls in favor of Beerus. If the latter is able to stop such a threat so quickly, is it not reasonable to expect the God of Destruction to employ even more powerful techniques than those previously seen? As if that were not enough, it must be remembered that the divinity of the seventh universe He has not yet used 100% of his strength that could far exceed expectations.

Hence, for the purposes of this theory we can only assume one crucial element:Ultra Perfect Instinct is not a rule Whoever declares Goku the winner from the start is actually putting him one step below a character of which we only know a few facets. However, who do you think is stronger between the two?

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