On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Skybound publishers Rick Grimes and Negan's the Walking Dead You'll be the protagonists of a new five-issue story that brings together creator Robert Kirkman and artist Ryan Ottlev.

For the Skybound X event, the publisher Rick Grimes announced 2000, a limited series of only five volumes. This new series will continue a spin-off story published on the pages of issue 75 of The Walking Dead. In this non-canonical futuristic scenario, the zombie outbreak was caused by an alien invasionRick's missing hand is replaced with a cybernetic prosthesis and Michonne wears a Star Wars-themed lightsaber.

Ten years later this story continues Rick Grimes 2000, of which Skybound has already revealed the covers during a special event. "Celebrate 10 sensational years of Skybound with a ride from your favorite authors. Each issue of this weekly series begins with a new chapter in the story of The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes 2000. We'll also introduce new series and characters with each issue. Starting with the First appearance of the most sought-after character of all time, Clementine. If you want to know what to expect from Skybound in the next few years, it all starts here".

Skybound X # 1 will arrive on July 7th. Here you can find all the details on Clementine's debut in The Walking Dead. Kirkman revealed that Rick had to die in the first volume of The Walking Dead.

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