With masterful productions like the Jujutsu Kaisen Anime, Attack of the Giants Season 4 o Zombieland Saga, recently Studio MAPPA has established itself as one of the best animation studios. However, employees seem to go through stressful work sessions to manage this workload.

A storm broke out on social media when popular animator MUSHIYO announced on Twitter that he had resigned from MAPPA Studio appalling working conditions. It's not the first time the animation studio has been at the center of such controversy. Previously, an animator from The Attack of the Giants 4 had denounced that the staff were overworked, and these new allegations merely add to the burden.

"I don't really understand why I worked so hard to get into this company," MUSHIYO reported. "I don't even understand why some people want to work here. Work week after week until the morning of the next day. That's one of the reasons I left."

"The second part of Attack of the Giants: The final season has been in production since the first part aired, so obviously not the same people will be working on it.". However, that last sentence sparked the reaction of part of the community who accused the animator of having him invented the question Just because it wasn't moved to the new project.

In a second post, however, the animator did right shot. "It would have been perfect if I could have trained someone to replace me, but obviously there was no time for that either. You can't have time for anything to work on four projects at the same time, right?"

What do you think of this situation? They are for or against MUSHIYO. Let's find out when Attack of the Giants 4 Part 2 will be released.

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