In this year's 10th issue of the magazine Monthly Sunday GX from the publisher Shogakukan It has been announced that the serialization of the manga will be written and illustrated by Akihiro Itou, wilderness, will resume in 2021. Work will begin republishing its chapters in the digital edition of the magazine until the manga resumes publication.

Itou began publishing the manga in Shogakukan Publishing's GX Monthly Sunday in August 2000. However, work was suspended due to an illness that made it impossible for him to draw with his dominant right hand (he is currently writing and illustrating the manga) sleeves ABLE with the left hand). In 2009 the publisher published the seventh compilation volume.

In addition, Itou has completed the manga publication. Goddess no atama in the same issue. The author has been publishing this manga since July 2017, and the publisher will release the second and final compilation volume on November 19th.

Synopsis of wilderness

The story of the manga begins with six men who initiate a bank robbery somewhere in Los Angeles, take hostages and hold back the police who are trying to break into the facilities. Among the suspects is a Japanese named Mattlay who joins the robbery team to pay off his girlfriend's debt. The criminals manage to escape by helicopter, but while in the air any trace of honor that united them as colleagues quickly begins to fade.

Source: ANN

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