Anime has become increasingly influential in recent years, and streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video have entered the game. Netflix and Crunchyroll has even more products made for you. Based on manga and light novels from the land of the rising sun, there are many productions that have captured audiences.

Who has chosen to focus heavily on anime is Netflix which continues to announce anime like Jojo and original titles from season to season. It is therefore no coincidence that the souls are becoming the most viewed products on the platform. In the US, consumption of Japanese animation products has practically doubled since 2019, as confirmed by Netflix US.

Asahi TV All-Nippon's official Youtube channel has released a video that is about Netflix and its anime. In the video prepared by the Japanese broadcaster it becomes clear that the Anime ranks firmly in Netflix's top 10 worldwide. Netflix's plan to focus on these types of products is therefore booming and will continue for several years.

At the top of the news, the official Asahi TV service is available in Japanese directly on the Youtube page.

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