The series of Jojo's bizarre adventure is characterized by extravagant characters, which are made unique by the style of Hirohiko Araki and very often used in supernatural situations. To make the Joestar story even more extravagant, a fan made them the protagonists of a specific illustration dedicated to the Wizard of Oz.

One of the most bizarre expressions in the series can certainly be found in the character of Rohan KishibeThe anime minisery's recent debut on Netflix has brought many viewers closer to the adventure of the famous mangaka, originally featured as the antagonist in the quiet town of Morioh in Diamond is Unbreakable. This has made waiting for the anime's next seasons less difficult, announcements of which are made during the JOESTAR The inherited soul, slated for April 4, 2021, probably the largest event ever organized regarding Araki's work.

In particular, one enthusiast who followed the vision of the film The Wizard of Oz decided to transform some of the characters in the series, such as: Jotaro Kujo, Dio Brando and Joseph Joestar in Tin Man, Elphaba and the Cowardly LionYou will get the beautiful and colorful drawing that you can see in the post shown below.

Recall that Speedwagon was honored with a loyal cosplay and we'll leave you the details of a theme park dedicated to the Joestar family.

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