We are now in the middle of the final stages of the great battle that raged the entire scenario of My hero academia between Helden and Villian. While, on the one hand, we wait for the latest developments in a heart-pounding story arc, on the other, we begin to summarize the losses and damages.

Thanks to chapter 295 One of the bloodiest battles of My Hero Academia has come to an end, bringing with it moments of pure epic and consequence that will have an unimaginable impact on the frontlines of the heroes. In addition, the saga was of fundamental importance for the development of Deku and for understanding the further powers of the One for all.

In any case, some of these incredible twists and turns will be included in Volume 29 of the manga, which is expected to be released on January 4, 2021. The Tankobon will contain the numbers from 277 to 286 or the chapters some of Bakugo's best moments. Recently, new information about the band has also been posted online, notably a great color illustration of Uraraka and the bizarre comment by Kohei Horikoshi that follows: "Here is Volume 29! Thank you for getting it! I can't tell you whether it's good or bad to have fresh salad at 3 a.m. "

A simple comment but one that highlights the sensei's really insane hours. And you, what do you think of this illustration instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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