Demon Slayer is set in Japan in the 1900s, precisely in the first decades of the last century, and takes up the archipelago, where poverty was still widespread and large families had to use every available means to survive. One of these families is the Kamado family, whose father has just passed away.

It will be the firstborn and protagonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, who continues the family, but one event completely disrupts his life. Only her sister Nezuko will survive, and the two embark on a journey that leads them to find a way to make the girl human again. But Who exactly is Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer??

Second child of the Kamado familyAfter his father's death, he helps his mother look after the younger siblings, while Tanjiro takes care of selling coal. He stays with his brothers to wait for Tanjiro's return, but we learn of his sad fate in the first episode. After seeing the massacred family, he receives blood from Kibutsuji Muzan, with whom he turns into a demon. At first it will be a bloodthirsty creature, but it will manage to rebel against the demonic power of Muzan and weaken.

During the first season of Demon Slayer, At first he was 12 and after the time jump 14 years old. She is a girl with a small body but long brown hair that fades into shades of orange after being transformed into a demon. Always after the mutation, he can change the size of his body and grow or shrink at will. Hand in hand, it also develops other powers such as the ability to ignite one's blood and maintain a physically stronger body.

Another character we met is Rengoku Kyojuro, the protagonist of the film Demon Slayer: Infinity Train.

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