Now that the manga has just celebrated its fifth anniversary, the franchise is facing another major milestone Boruto: Naruto the next generations: next week the animated series will reach a total of 200 episodes. Let's find out what will happen to this episode.

That record number is slowly starting with unreleased and not exactly exciting sagas and confirms just how much the Boruto anime has grown and reached over time higher and higher peaks, especially in the new Kawaki story arc: Clash with Kara.

There Episode number 200 continues the line marked by the last handful of episodes. To uncover the secrets of the Karma Seal, Kawaki and Boruto trained under Naruto's watchful eyes. Suddenly the trio, which was also accompanied by little Himawari, is attacked by Delta, an intern from the Kara organization who intended to bring the ship back.

After a brutal confrontation between the Seventh Hokage and the Delta, whose body was completely covered in ninja scientific instruments, now is the time to explore Follow this battle. "Becoming a Apprentice," the next installment of the anime, which will air on Crunchyroll on March 22nd, will further explore Kawaki and his relationship with Naruto.

Here she is Summary of the episode published by Animedia Magazine. ""Since Kawaki lost his right arm in the fight against Delta, he was given a prosthesis that was originally intended for Naruto. In essence, however, the prosthesis will not work without being powered by the Seventh Hokage Chakra. However, Naruto personally infused his chakra into the prosthesis for Kawaki to use. "

β€œThis is how Naruto explains to Kawaki what attachments are.” The chakra is a force that binds us together, and it is something that exists within all of us. β€œUpon hearing these words, Kawaki asks to be trained in the art. Meanwhile, the Kara Deltas receive a report and Jigen realizes that another karma is engraved on Boruto's palm. With a grin, he seems satisfied with the news. "

We relived episode 199 of Boruto and compared anime and manga in the most difficult battle of the seventh Hokage.

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