Another character who deserves respect has been introduced in recent years thanks to Tatsuki Fujimoto, the acclaimed writer of Fire Punch. Denji from Chainsaw Man has created a space in the world of manga with a first part of the story that has convinced everyone. We look forward to seeing him again in the sequel to Chainsaw Man and in the MAPPA anime studio.

It will be some time yet before it's in action in the next two versions, but besides manga and anime, there is cosplay too. In the meantime Chainsaw man It was valued by the public and is spreading more and more. Because of this, various cosplayers around the world devote themselves to the interpretation of power and all other characters. And among these there are inevitably those too Protagonist Denji.

Based on the version of Denji with the transformation into a chainsaw demon, which also gives the manga the title, the cosplayer artb0y put on a jacket, tie, elegant trousers or the typical uniform of the government organization, whose protagonist is one of them, and he added chainsaws to it all. We can see that below Denji's transformation into real lifewith the chainsaws out of the head and arms. Now even in real life there is someone willing to brutally kill devils.

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