Completed The Seven Deadly Sins, Nakaba Suzuki never tired of the Britannia cycle and has therefore decided to set a second work in this Celtic-inspired fantasy world, the Sequel Four Knights of Apocalypse. Of course, some of the Seven Deadly Sins are back, but the scene is certainly not for them.

In the new manga, as time goes by, it's time to entrust a new generation of warriors to save Lionesse and the world from the forces of evil. The protagonists of Four Knights of Apocalypse are four young warriors designated by King Arthur's forces as the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. but who are the four knights of the apocalypse?

The first thing that appears in the manga is percival, the green-haired boy who possesses the magic of the hero of hope: Feeding on this feeling can create countless devastating attacks and magical beings. That Second is LancelotSon of Ban and Elaine, who was already known in the extra chapters of the previous series: He is a boy who can read minds and is also able to change his shape.

That Third is Tristan, another character who previously appeared in The Seven Deadly Sins. As the son of Elizabeth and Meliodas, he believes he has the power of both the Demon Clan and the Goddess Clan and is therefore able to harness the power of both worlds. Ultimately The newest addition to Four Knights of Apocalypse is Gawaina tall, curvy woman who resembles Merlin a little, but who can wield the power of flame and is the master of the sun.

In the future we will also see these characters in action animated since the Four Knights of Apocalypse anime has been announced.

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