Digimon: which is the best digital creature of all time? The Top 10 of fans

In April 2020, all Japanese Digimon fans were able to vote on the opera's official website to elect "Best Digimon ever", to celebrate the debut of the new anime Digimon Adventure with the company. What will have been the ten digital creatures most voted by fans? Let's find out together.

Below you can take a look at the fan rankings. Each registered user could only vote for one Digimon. In case you need to take a look at some images to refresh your memory, we remind you that simply click on the link found at the bottom of the article.

  1. Omnimon
  2. WarGreymon
  3. Gallantmon
  4. Beelzemon
  5. Agumon
  6. Alphamon
  7. Paildramon
  8. Terriermon
  9. Veemon
  10. Patamon

The highest step of the podium was conquered by Omnimon, the Sacred Knight of Mega level obtained by the fusion between the second in the ranking and MetalGarurumon. Bronze medal for Gallantmon, another Sacred Knight evolved from one of the advanced forms of the intermediate reptile Guilmon.

The preferences expressed by the fans have obviously rewarded the Digimon of Mega and Ultra level, to the detriment of the primary or intermediate levels. Exceptions are the mascot Agumon and the bottom three in the standings, respectively partners of the protagonists Henry, Davis and TK.

And what do you think of it? What is your favorite Digimon? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! In case you haven't done it yet, we recommend that you take the opportunity to take a look at our summary of Digimon's history, in order to better prepare yourself for the vision of the new anime.

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