ONE PIECE: The Emperor Kaido puts on the figure of the Jimei Palace for almost 2000 euros

The latest events from ONE PIECE They will compose the remaining pieces of the great Wano saga, putting Kaido's daughter Yamato and the great battle against the emperor in the spotlight. And the Jimei Palace Studio has dedicated a magnificent monument to precisely the leader of the pirates of the hundred beasts.

I am waiting to hear the continuation of the story Eiichiro Oda is on pause again, ONE PIECE Chapter 994 revealed the purpose of Yamato and a courage equal to that of his father. Kaido is the big bad guy indeed of the current narrative arc, the goal of the Mugiwara and the Red Sheaths to free the land of Wa from its clutches once and for all.

His incredible powers, reinforced by a deadly army, have made him one of the strongest pirates in the franchise, making him almost seem like an unbeatable man. But now, thanks to Odens previous experienceAs the only one who managed to injure him and put a spoke in the steering wheel, the outcome of the crash doesn't seem to be as focused anymore. Jimei Palace Studio However, he wanted to pay homage to the emperor with an imposing model with a height of 75 cm, which you can admire at the end of the news. The reproduction of the details and the dimensions results in a mammoth price. 1920 euros Then there are the shipping costs. Only available upon prior reservation. Delivery is planned for 2021.

And you, what do you think of this statuette instead? Please let us know as usual with a comment below.

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