The great epic of Naruto has over the course of these long years attracted around it a disproportionate number of readers and spectators, first thanks to a manga created by the skilful Masashi Kishimoto and subsequently through an animated adaptation that consolidated even more the fame of the entire production.

Today the franchise is still on everyone's lips and in fact it can count on countless parallel productions, including new animated series, paper works, video games, films and much more, a huge amount of products designed to keep busy a large public in the constant search for Announcements. This explains why there are countless companies that present their latest products to the world on a daily basis, often aimed at a niche of the public ready to buy everything that concerns their favorite series.

This time, it was the guys from Light Year Studio who earned the spotlight, all thanks to an amazing $ 800 Naruto Shippuden-themed statue specifically dedicated to Jiraiya. The product, called "Goodbye Sensei Jiraiya", has been presented in several images that you can view in depth news and can show off a huge amount of details. According to what has been said, the statue is characterized by measures of 53x36x37cm and is currently bookable, although the output is currently set for the fourth quarter of 2020.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that just recently one of the voice actors of Boruto Naruto Next Generations has started a nice initiative aimed at all fans.

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