Shounen no Abyss Manga publishes its first volume

Written and illustrated on the official manga page by Ryou Minenami, Shounen no abyssIt was announced that the plant's first volume of compilations was available for sale in Japan today.

Minenami started publishing the manga in the magazine Weekly boy's jump from the publisher Shueisha in February this year. The publisher also announced that the second compilation volume will be published in Japan on September 18 by the same publisher.

Synopsis of Shounen no Abyss

In a city with nothing, in the middle of everyday life, apparently without any signs of change, the student Reiji Kurose lived "only". Family, dreams for the future, childhood friends. All of this bound him to the city.

He thought that "only" would live on like this. At least he believed it until he met her. Is there hope in life? Is there light at the end of the street? This is the beginning of a psychological love story that reflects the "present".

Source: Natalie comic

© 峰 浪 り ょ 著 (著) / SHUEISHA 日本語


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