The all-might quirk, One for All, was passed on to Izuku Midoriya, a child with no quirk, in the early chapters of the manga My Hero Academia. By training and understanding how this power works, Deku was able to reach his potential better and better. It's still far from 100%, and a recent One for All discussion also explained why.

As a result, it will be next to impossible to see One for All for other people outside of Deku. Kohei Horikoshi's manga could end with the death of the protagonist and the idiosyncrasy, but fans can dream of other solutions. There are those who imagine a passage to Bakugo, some to a new generation and someone he would also like to see it in the hands of Ochako Uraraka.

The My Hero Academia co-star already comes with a gravity control quirk, but how about in the manga if also had the one for all as a dowry? A Debby-san fan art shows how heroin would fare under these conditions. Below is the tweet with a Uraraka wearing the classic white and blue costume. She is also wrapped in purple bolts of lightning, symbolizing the quirk that previously belonged to All Might when she lifts a giant boulder to throw it at enemies.

An alternative that we will never see, but which has certainly been well illustrated. In the meantime, Uraraka will be one of the characters to look out for in the next phase of My hero academia.

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