The Super Saiyan is an iconic transformation that was born in Dragon Ball. Goku exudes golden energy as his hair dyes blonde and blue eyes. However, those colors were completely pushed aside in Dragon Ball Super where it was left room for the Super Saiyan God and its subsequent developments.

With the Dragon Ball Z: Clash of the Gods film and the Dragon Ball Super animation series, the Super Saiyan god has become almost central. Not only does this transformation bring more power to Goku's attacks, here are some Quality of the Super Saiyan God which are often forgotten.

The aura of the Super Saiyan God emits a unique Ki, the divine Ki. Its red color is not only due to a differentiation necessary to distinguish it from the normal Super Saiyan, but also serves to do so to enable the localization of other divine ki like Beerus', otherwise invisible even to the senses of the best trained warriors. It can too Absorb energy from attacks and discharge excess energy.

always The aura also enables you to heal the body. Without reaching levels like Namekkian's regeneration, Saiyans can heal superficial wounds, allowing Goku and Vegeta to fight a lot more, at least until the aura wears off.

Goku and Vegeta fight very differently when they take advantage of the divine aura. That's because the With Super Saiyan God, you can predict enemy attacks. This allows the two Saiyans to expand their defensive strategies, although they are often put aside when Super Saiyan Blue is exploited. After all, the aura can be of the Super Saiyan God used to paralyze opponentsAt least the weak, who make it impossible for them to move into the area of ​​the outgoing energy.

The transformation is slowly no longer being used with Ultra Instinct, at least as far as Goku is concerned.

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