Shirakumo's past goes hand-in-hand with that of Eraserhead and Present Mic, his two classmates in Yuei, with whom he formed a close-knit trio. Unfortunately, however, everything went wrong for the young hero, who was first on the brink of death and then in the clutches of All for One, who spawned one of the villains of My hero academy.

And now he's back in the game My Hero Academia 373 spoilers complete with pictures. The chapter begins with a color page featuring a Shirakumo halfway between his human white color and the black mist that has enveloped him since he became Kurogiri. Things are calming down out in town: Shoji's words have caught on as some mutants pull over, though the leader of the gang keeps shouting. More and more people are laying down their arms.

The race between Spinner and Present Mic seems to win, but Spinner is hit by the hero's shockwave. Spinner appears to pass out and collapses to the ground, getting smaller and smaller and losing the usefulness of his quirk. However, looking down, he notices that one of Shigaraki's hands fell off. Present Mic starts talking to try to bring Shirakumo to his senses, but in a fit of anger, Spinner gives Kurogiri Shigaraki's hand, who awakens.

His goal now is to defend Tomura Shigaraki, the fog almost covering his face again. Things take a dark turn in My Hero Academia.

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