The history of ONE PIECE has been littered with more or less important battles. Each of the Mugiwara had their own particular struggles, and those who joined the occupation early faced many. Roronoa Zoro, the first member to join Luffy's group and notorious swordsman, had to Face none other than Drakul Mihawk.

The former member of the Fleet is the Seven Swordsmen stronger than the seas in ONE PIECE and also passed Shanks when he lost an arm to save Luffy. We rarely see him at work, and the one against Zoro was his first appearance. The clash was loved by many, both insiders and fans, and in fact we saw an official re-proposition of the chapter of ONE PIECE by Boichi, but also alternative versions like Berserk-style Zoro VS Mihawk.

What if the two characters give way to others? A fan created a video that they put in Tom instead of Drakul Mihawk and Jerry instead of Roronoa Zoro. On the ONE PIECE subReddit, the historical antagonists of American cartoons repeat the same lines of the anime and face each other in the few seconds that are made available. The video below allows us to look at this historical clash of the first ONE PIECE saga in a different way.

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