Komi cannot communicate, a romantic comedy with slice-of-life elements conceived by Tomohito Oda, won over readers in the five years of the publication of Weekly Shonen Sunday and finally the first episode of the anime, produced by studio OLM, Inc. is available on the Netflix platform.

By title "I just wish I could speak“The episode functions as a long presentation of the two main characters, namely Komi Shouko and Tadano Hitohito, who met on the first day at the renowned Itan Institute. Komi appears as a beautiful and attractive girl who can intimidate anyone with her silence. Tadano is the only one who understands that his attitude is not because he feels superior to others, it is from Difficulty communicating.

At the moment of the presentation, Komi goes to the board to write his name instead of speaking, while Tadano immediately turns out to be a clumsy boy. The midday bell makes all of their classmates flee the classroom and are left alone, the boy tries a few words with Komi again. switch. Understanding her partner's good intentions, the protagonist tries to overcome the embarrassment and tremors caused by the fear of communication and begins to explain her difficulties to Tadano.

Between comic interludes and extremely delicate moments, complemented by an excellent soundtrack, the two immediately form a strong bond. Komi wants to make 100 friends, and Tadano promptly promises to befriend 99 other people since she has already made her first boyfriend. At the end of the episode there is a nice bonus scene. What do you think about it? Did you see the beginning of Komi Can't Communicate? Tell us your impressions in the comment section.

In conclusion, let's remember this Netflix publishes one episode a week by Komi Can't Communicate, and we leave you to a beautiful cosplay dedicated to the protagonist and the special opening of the anime.

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