Monaito's account of the night of the extinction of the planet Cereal, described in chapter 77 of Dragonball Super has generated a lot of reaction from readers, particularly regarding the demeanor of Bardock, the Saiyan warrior father of Goku, which we have only seen in action in a few and specific circumstances.

Of course it was Rescue of Granolah and her mother cereal von Bardock himself to trigger the countless reactions in the social networks, and as you can see from the various posts below, when on the one hand this unique narrative section that was inserted into the series has been recognized by a retrospective, on the other hand some aspects that by may be viewed negatively by some enthusiasts.

The attention given to a character as valued as Baddack excited many, as well as his new hood design that arose from the makeshift farce to send the Heeters away, and the in-depth study of some of his character traits it was positively received by a large part of the community.

Several comments have focused on the resemblance to Goku, viewing it as a mere narrative excuse to bring them closer, or a good gimmick. What do you think about it? Do you think Chapter 77 has it improved or worsened the character of Baddack in any way? As always, let us know in the comments section.

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