Misato's kidneys are now used to throwing away everyday beer, but the amount that the captain of Neon Genesis Evangelion Ingestion is enough to embarrass you. In fact, one writer tried to estimate how much beer Misato drinks each day, and the number exceeds the body's water requirements per day.

Normally an adult would need to drink about two liters of water a day, but in Nerv's strategist's case, things don't work that way. Recently in fact a writer of news.livedoor began to investigate Amount of beer Misato Katsuragi drinks and taking into account some elements, he managed to answer the question.

The writer actually counted how many cans remained in his room every three days. During this time, the laundry remains outside to dry. The number of cans tracked in the room was 34 which, divided into 3 days, indicates that Misato is roughly drinking 11 cans of beer per day. However, the author went ahead with his research to clarify the amount of expenditure and the liters he consumed. In fact, we know that the brands of beer the captain drinks are Yebisu and Kirin, in a ratio of 2: 1. This means that Misato only consumes about 6 liters of beer a day, without sake daily expenses of around 20 euros (2467 yen).

As for you, what do you think of this funny investigation instead? Let us know with a comment below. Before you say goodbye, we invite you to check out this Misato cosplay and fascinating take on Asuka.

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