ONE PIECE is undoubtedly one of the most popular manga and anime series. In its 25 years of publication, the adventure of the ruthless monkey D. Luffy has reached millions of readers and viewers, and has made the Straw Hat itself an industry icon, even earning its own paragraph in school texts.

The universe of Eiichiro Oda has often been the focus of quite interesting crossovers and collaborations over the years, some of which could even be called educational and cultural, such as the partnership with Japan's space agency JAXA, but it has seemed unlikely to feature Luffy on school supplies until now. . As reported by user @sandman_AP through the post, the Linde, the captain of the Mugiwara, has appeared in a Japanese manual for learning the English language.

After the classic sentences with the verb to be, to present, to ask and to negate, in which the own is given instead of the noun Luffy, at the bottom of the page there is also a table from the manga where the captain yells at Nami that he is part of the crew now. This is also pointed out in the various comments received in a French school book on science and technology A scene from the anime has been reported where Luffy and Usopp try to heal a scurvy pirate.

Finally, remember that a fan imagined Luffy Vs Kaido Cuphead style and we leave you to the preview of Episode 1015 of the ONE PIECE anime.

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