As My Hero Academia Volume 31 prepares for release in Japan in August, the chapters of the manga released in Weekly Shonen Jump are more advanced.

there Grade 1-A is working hard to get Deku home, a la Yuei, to wage war against All for One together. However, the young protagonist of My Hero Academia does not want to know and has faced Kaminari, Yaoyorozu, Tokoyami and other guys in his section and freed himself from their techniques. However, Todoroki’s ice wall and Tsuyu Asui’s words projected us into the final phase of this clash. told in My Hero Academia 321.

Once again the 1-A does not want to let go of the classmate and tries to hold him back between actions and words. First Todoroki, then Asui and Mineta, through Uraraka and a combination of the girl’s attacks with Todoroki, Bakugo, Uraraka, Ashido and Iida. The latter manages to enable Iida to reach Deku in the air, who escaped thanks to his skills. The class teacher takes his friend by the hand and reminds him of the words he uttered in the fight against Fleck. Deku is in tears at the end of My Hero Academia 321, entitled “From Class 1-A to One for All”. Will you be able to take Deku home with you?

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