It is not uncommon for a mangaka to lay the foundation of its work, referring to folklore, myths, legends or the customs and traditions of certain places. As a primarily Japanese product, manga naturally has a lot of Japanese elements. But there are those like Nakaba Suzuki who have decided to do it Bring overseas legends to The Seven Deadly Sins.

We all grew up with it Myth of the Knights of the Round Table and the legendary King Arthur with his Excalibur. Some of these elements are present in the seven deadly sins, even if they are often secondary. The most loyal readers of the Arthurian Cycles will have already noticed the presence of some characters from this world, waiting to see if they will evolve into the Four Knights of the Apocalypse The seven deadly sins.

The protagonist Meliodas, Sin of the Wrath of the group, is actually an important character in the world of King Arthur. Meliodas is not the most famous, but actually the most famous second King of Lyonesse in many 13th century stories and vassal of King Mark of Cornwall, sometimes described as the brother and others as the brother-in-law. In some legends, he marries Isabella, with whom he will have a son, Tristan, and will help Arthur in a war against the Saxons. The writer Rustichello da Pisa also made him the protagonist in the revision of the French novel Meliadus and, depending on the version, also appears in Tristan Riccardiano with the name Felix or Felissi.

After completing the fourth season of the anime, The adventures of Meliodas will also end with the film The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light.

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