200 years before the events in the first films, the new series of war of starsThe High Republic introduces interesting developments and, above all, elements that are missing in the saga of the Skywalker family, and paves the way for interesting glimpses into characters previously only hinted at in the work's canon.

In the first novel Into the darkAuthor Claudia Gray, published concurrently with the first comic book, describes the tragic adventures of a group of four young Jedi, a Padawan, and four knights who were exposed to the Nihil threat and the turbulence caused by space travel. You are forced to leave your course and reach an abandoned space station. In a series of events and scenes that are downright dramatic, one of them appears to have died, killed by giant plants powered by the dark side of the force, the Drengir.

Towards the end of the novel, the four remaining protagonists seem to have changed fundamentally since their journey began. Orla Jareni has become a trailblazer, a Jedi who operates outside the guidelines of the Jedi Council and thus follows his own path of power, such as Ahsoka Tano. After the events on the ward, Cohmac is not sure of his futureand questions the doctrines of the Order when Dez withdraws temporarily after standing between life and death. Reath learns that his teacher died years ago He is currently terribly confused while on a mission and given that he originally did not want to go to the Outer Rim Territories.

These decisions undoubtedly have approached the protagonists to become Gray Jegi, a concept that has never been taken seriously, except in the Star Wars Legends stories where a member of the Order was found to be recognized as such in essentially two ways: when able to choose between the dark side and the To be the light side of the coming, without becoming corrupt, what if It works outside of what the council thinks is right or wrong.

What do you think of the fate of the protagonists? Would you be interested in a story that revolves around the concept of the Gray Jedi? Let us know with a comment below. We remind you that Leox and Geode, the new Han and Chewbacca, have been introduced and we leave you a short video presentation of Nihil.

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