Until now, Yami Sukehiro was always considered a rough and rude man, but still strong and reliable. It is not for nothing that he is the captain of the Black Bull and thus one of the strongest men in the Clover kingdom. But it has long been known that he is from a distant land, which readers now know Black clover They get to know each other better.

Asta arrived in the Land of the Sun, Yami's hometown, which is reminiscent of real feudal Japan. But Ichika's revelation casts a heavy shadow over the Black Bull Captain's past, which is best explained by the Black Clover 341 spoilers.

That The Yami clan descended from a group of assassins known as "Kijin", who have distinguished themselves on the battlefield on numerous occasions. Legends say that in the land of the sun there was a five-headed dragon that destroyed everything but was stopped by a heavenly maiden. His magical power then escaped and turned the sea black. The Yami clan guarded the province owned by the Ryudo family, an area connected to Hell by a time-space distortion.

Yami's father is an alcoholic who hit Ichika with a wooden sword after telling her he looked like his mother, who died in childbirth. But Yami protected his sister from beatings. Then there's another flashback with Ryuya with a group of people saying that he doesn't care about status or level of magical power but just wants a world where everyone can live together and smile. Yami replies that it's a dream, but not a bad dream.

Ichika says he lied and that when he was 13 he killed all the people of his clanto flee to a foreign land to live his life with Asta and that he can't be trusted. Asta says he trusts Yami. Ichika repeats what he saw while Asta says there must be a mistake and that there is no way he will accept the Captain being badmouthed, even by his sister. Ichika then gets serious and uses a dark yojutsu "Black Warrior" and who will fight with Asta and that if he died it would not be a problem.

Are we facing a serious new confrontation in Black Clover?

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