Studio Ghibli is one of the most famous animation studios in Japan and the world. Founded by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, the duo spawned several anime that have been depopulated around the world. It is now Studio Ghibli is a legend You can also admire this from other perspectives in the Ghibli Museum.

The animation house also has other much larger projects. In fact, it was announced that Ghibli Park, a theme park entirely dedicated to Studio Ghibli, will open in 2022. A mammoth job and such It will help us immerse ourselves in the atmosphere designed by Miyazaki and Takahata. Work in Aichi Prefecture continues and new attractions were revealed this week.

The governor of the prefecture has told various Studio Ghibli fans on Twitter that in the Valley of the Witches Howl's Moving Castle will arrive. The castle will be approximately 16 meters high, with other elements taken from that shown in the film. Inside, visitors can see the special exhibit and explore areas like Howl's bedroom. Below is a render of Howl's Moving Castle that will look like when the work is finished.

The same governor then announced that they are on their way new concept art on Iron City, famous location from the Princess Mononoke movie. Ghibli Park is therefore taking shape and in about a year the fans of Ghibli Studio can visit it.

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