Eiichiro Oda seems to have created an almost perfect mechanism in the last 24 years of publication. Despite characters that might get on my nerves, comic scenes inserted at wrong or very extended times, It cannot be said that ONE PIECE does not have a well built world.

The mangaka has done an almost unique endeavor, creating many islands with many characters that work quite well. Yes, there are constraints that are almost mandatory for a shonen, but which can hardly be viewed as blatant mistakes. But there are Bullet holes in ONE PIECE?

Over time it was certainly discussed What is a plot hole and what is not in ONE PIECEbecause in certain situations it is certainly difficult to draw the line. Given that Oda tends to add more and more detail over time, some plot holes may not be like that anymore.

One of the most talked about over time is certainly the haki, the special force that only seems to have awakened from the arch of the Sabaody Archipelago. Although Skypea was previously addressed with the mantra, the Haki's definition comes later and it seems that many even powerful characters have never used it, while it is now common practice to take advantage of it. In particular, the Haki of the Armor now creates a mass of black color, while it previously appeared colorless.

There are also many doubts about Shanks' arm. A sea monster like the one that devoured his arm should be a trifle for a pirate like him, who soon became emperor. The desire to bet on a new era actually only lasts up to a certain point. Then we go on to Kaido's desire to commit suicidewith the emperor who seems to be trying them all from the guillotine to the fall to the hanging, but he doesn't seem to have tried the most obvious. Since he is the owner of a devil fruit, throwing himself into the sea or eating another devil fruit or even a SMILE that has been produced in abundance for years would suffice for a suicide.

Another point on the border between plot hole and enforcement goes back to the Alabasta saga, when Vivi easily infiltrated the Baroque works. But she is the princess of the island made of sand, a figure in sight and which should be known to all representatives of the Crocodile Organization. What do you think are the worst plot holes in ONE PIECE?

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