It seems a short time ago that Eiichiro Oda presented the eleven supernovas in chapter 498 of ONE PIECE. In fact, more than fourteen years have passed since the publication of one of the most significant chapters in Luffy's Adventures, as some of the faces depicted are still central, most notably Kidd and Law.

In fact, the two said captains have crossed paths several times with the smiling protagonist, preferring diplomacy or an explosive entry into the scene, despite differences and different approaches to complicated situations, Their alliances were crucial on several occasions. Currently, after the devastating events in Wano, all three captains have a bounty of 3 million berries on them Luffy officially became one of the Four Emperors alongside Shanks, Blackbeard and fellow newcomer Buggy.

A tribute to three outstanding representatives of the worst generation, the artists of LX Studio They created the majestic statue that you can see in the video below. 60 cm high, with a base depicting the Onigashima skull dome, the rendering of the three pirates is particularly accurate in every detail, perfectly respecting their original design, from Kidd's arm to Luffy's iconic straw hat. If you're interested in adding it to your collection, the statue is can be pre-ordered at a price of 745 eurosto receive it in the last quarter of 2022.

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