The visual novel by pitchers; Goal It immediately gained traction in Japan, so much so that it was released on various consoles. The success achieved first inspired the creation of a manga by Sarachi Yomi and then its most famous adaptation. Steins' anime; Gate remains the brand's best-known exponent to this day.

Over ten years ago, this 24-episode work burst onto many screens around the world, with an initially slow but eventful development that was already filtering out the meaning of the various situations that were being generated, and then settled into a breathless development the second half continued . At the center of the unfortunate events generated by the time machine hidden in the electric furnace of scientist Rintaro Okabe's study Poor Mayuri Shiina ends up therealso known as Mayushii.

Unfortunately, the girl is overcome by a negative spiral that only her childhood friend Rintaro can solve. Either way, whenever Mayuri shows up in Steins; Gate is always positive and smiling. The cosplayer Seracoss also shows herself in this way Mayuri Shiina Cosplaywho also strikes the same pose with his open hand.

And don't miss a cosplay of Kurisu Makise, the other brilliant protagonist of Steins; Goal.

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