In the latest issue of the magazine Weekly great cartoon ghosts it was announced that Studio KAI (Uma Musume: Pretty Derby 2nd Season, 7SEEDS, Super Cub) will be responsible for the production of the animated adaptation of the manga by Riku Sanjou and illustrated by Masaki satou, Fuuto Tantei (Futo detectives).

Fuuto Tantei

This adaptation, also titled as Fuuto PIIts premiere is planned for the summer season 2022 (July-September), with Funimation responsible for sales in the west. It should be noted that this is the first animated adaptation in the entire history of the franchise from Kamen rider.

This manga is a continuation of the series Came rider Wwhich aired in Japan between September 2009 and August 2010. As an official sequel Fuuto Tantei It was written by the author of the most important television series, Riku Sanjou. The manga is published through the magazine Great cartoon ghosts from the publisher Shogakukan since August 2017.

Summary of Fuuto Tantei

In Fuuto City, criminals use USB-like devices called "Gaia Memories" to transform themselves into super-powerful monsters called "Dopants" who wreak havoc in the otherwise peaceful city. However, there are heroes who use the "Gaia Memories" to fight these criminals, including the self-proclaimed detective Shoutarou Hidari. With the help of their resourceful partner Philip, the two transform into Kamen Rider W, the legendary hero of the city of Fuuto.

After the fall of Museum, the malicious organization responsible for many crimes in Fuuto, the production and distribution of Gaia Memories ceased. The leftovers, however, remain in society and are sold on the black market at high prices. So the two heroes of the Narumi Detective Agency didn't have time to rest.

Source: ANN

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