During the event "DIGIFES 2021β€œThe multimedia franchise has been confirmed by Digimon will be a new TV anime and feature film for Digimon Adventure 02. The series bears the title Digimon ghost game and will be premiered in the autumn 2021 season (October-December). The advertising picture writes: Β«Holograms? ... ghosts? ...Β»


The press release also revealed the Digimon that will appear in this new series which, from left to right, includes Angoramon, Gammamon, and Jellymon.

On the other hand, the new feature film tells a story about Daisuke motomiya (Davis Motomiya to the west) and other characters from the franchise Digimon Adventure 02. director Tomohisa Taguchi and the screenwriter Akatsuki Yamatoyawho worked before Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, are working on this new project.

Like the trailer, the advertising image for the film writes: Β«The new Digimon movie turns at 02. Now the door to adventure opens ... I'm the first person to work with a DigimonΒ».

The producer Yousuke Kinoshita (Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna) emphasized that the new film will revolve around the characters from Digimon Adventure 02. He also stated that the team wanted to tell a story about Daisuke and his friends because they have a different attraction than Taichi / Tai and their friends from the first television anime by Digimon adventure.

Digimon Adventure 02 It was the first direct television episode of the first series, although it featured a new line of main characters. It aired in Japan from April 2000 to March 2001, and then aired in the United States from August 2000 to May 2001. The latest TV anime, Digimon Adventure: (with two dots at the end of the title), it premiered in Japan in April 2020 and went into its final arc last July. Crispy roll streams the anime while it airs in Japan.

Digimon Adventure 02 synopsis

Taichi Yagami and friends went to high school but lost touch with their Digimon colleagues. Therefore, Taichi is surprised when he suddenly receives a cry for help that calls him into the digital world. There he learns that Digimon live in fear of the mysterious Digimon Emperor who somehow suppresses their Digivolve ability.

In the real world, Hikari Yagami and Takeru Takaishi meet in the same fifth grade. They share three classmates: Daisuke Motomiya, who both reminds them of Taichi; Miyako Inoue, an engineering magician; and Iori Hida, Miyako's neighbor. When these three children receive Digivices "D-3", they together with Hikari and Takeru, who still have their own original Digivices, form the new generation of "Chosen Children" who have to save the world again. With the power of the Digi-Eggs, they must thwart the Digimon Emperor's plans to spread his influence across the digital world.

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