Twists and turns one after another during the Egghead saga. Even after completing Wano, the longest phase of ONE PIECE to date, Oda has chosen to always keep the attention high with events and characters that turn the whole situation around. Betrayals, discoveries, reversals and newcomers will keep you on your toes.

And we start with a mini-adventure that continues the story of Judge and Caesar. In their minds there is a vegapunk making stupid and peaceful weapons while the other scientists look on in horror and disgust. ONE PIECE 1073 then it opens as the previous one closed, with Stussy biting Kaku and preparing to attack Lucci. The leopard tries to attack her, but the woman uses an illusion that worries Lucci. While adjusting the agalmatolite lipstick, Stussy bites Lucci, putting him to sleep. But the dangers are not over yet, the Seraphim are still at large.

Zoro begins fighting Mihawk's Seraphim, who easily holds his own while Sanji saves Edison from an S-Shark attack. With the cooperation of Vegapunk's two satellites, the four Seraphim stop and return to the Doctor's orders. Meanwhile, Luffy and Chopper are still searching for Bonney and Vegapunk who are not seen in the lab. On another island, Sphinx, things go wrong. Marco has returned and hears a story from the children warning him of an attack from Ryokugyu, but Edward Weevil's defenses held. However, the man was later kidnapped by the admiral.

On Sphinx there is Miss Buckin, a former member of the Rocks pirates and mother of Edward Weevil, who begs Marco for Whitebeard's treasure and frees her son. And if he wants proof of Weevil's parentage, he can ask Vegapunk. However, things are moving in Egghead: the Navy and Military Government ships have left the island, with Kizaru welcoming one of the Five Stars of Wisdom to his cabin, Saint Jay Garcia Saturn. ONE PIECE will be on hiatus next week.

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