For Tomura Shigaraki, there is no place in this world for good feelings Villain from My Hero Academia who wants to destroy everything. Without hesitation, he did everything in his power to gain more and more power and abilities, so much so that he merged with the All for One, with the identity of his master, the supervillain who once controlled everything.

But even All for One can no longer withstand Tomura Shigaraki's inexhaustible will to destroy, and it shows in My Hero Academy 379. The new chapter of the manga starts with a color page showing Gentle and La Brava's return together, but the chapter titled "Hope" starts on the next page. In a flashback, Lady Nagant is in the hospital, still injured and bandaged, and barely able to move. Thanks to Rock Lock, he manages to get permission to leave the hospital and become active again while firing a new shot to destroy the arm that Shigaraki just regenerated.

All for One Inside Shigaraki screams hatefully at the woman, but Tomura's many fingers and hands emerge from his mouth. The young man explains to his master that it is true that they united, with the old man taking both body and spirit, but Shigaraki's core of hatred remained intact and buried. And just by exploiting this core, Tenko Shimura - Tomura Shigaraki is back to take control of everything, and with only one goal in mind: to destroy everything that this house in which he grew up has produced, that is, society as a whole. No attempts at conquest, just unbridled destruction.

And when Shigaraki regains control, Deku lunges at him to throw him off the platform. Away from the flying battlefield, useless now that the villain can use all his powers again, The final battle between Deku and Shigaraki in My Hero Academia begins.

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