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Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 3: The Godlike Exorcist Ninja

suzu want to do something for Matsuri be aware of that Matsuri decided to stick with it Shirogane as her pet for her selfishness. What does he cook rice balls al' forKing of the Ayakashi' which he ended up liking. During Shirogane I used to eat Matsuri and his grandfather sense the presence of another ayakashialthough it could be shikia ayakashi servant of a Exorcist Ninja.

Upon discovering the shiki Ponosuke return to his master Ninokuru ropea Exorcist Ninja a year older than Matsuriwho witnessed the first mission of the clan heir Kazamaki What Exorcist Ninja. However, he is disappointed in him for not exorcising Shirogane just because there's a chance it won't make him a man anymore.

Rope begins to hunt Shirogane when talking to Matsuri. although to Matsuri he doesn't care that they exorcise the 'King of the Ayakashi“He wants to continue his efforts suzu to avoid it, he recites Shirogane. Another discussion with Rope about it and managed to win it this time.

Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 3

the senpai

Keep gender in mind schoolalthough it is not one of his main genres, the appearance of a senpai in Ayakashi triangle. Although on this occasion it is also implied as a senpai of Ninja exorcists to Matsuri. The introduction of Ninokuru rope I thought it was missing "impact".

show obsession with duty Ninja exorcistsI would understand that it appeared when the 'King of the Ayakashi' was sealed but not exorcised, but I think the story needed more development to further solidify this. Of course, I also think that this could have been solved with a little more development and/or background to the character. At first I would have thought I hated ayakashi could be an excuse, but with one shiki as a partner is omitted. The fact that he only showed up because he happens to be going to the same school doesn't help the story in my opinion.

For example, I think it would have been better to just show him as a cameo to show that the clan Ninokuru is under constant surveillance Shirogane Y Matsuribut that because of the sex change they don't exorcise the 'King of the Ayakashi' to give the clan some time (whether limited or not) Kazamaki to investigate and resolve the issue.

For now, the character of Rope I think it's appropriate for the story, what I don't feel is to be fair to the moment and the way it introduces it into it Ayakashi triangle - Chapter 3.

the seijuu responsible for voting Rope is shouya isigewho also does it with characters like: Wakana Gojou ("Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru"), Kazuma Sasaki ("Hataraku Maou-sama!!"), Yusaku-Fujiki ("Yu☆Gi☆Oh! VRAINS"), among other.


By the way the seijuu Satomi Arai is responsible for voting Ponosuke. Other of his contributions were: Beatrice ("Re: Zero"), Ranko Hata ("Seitokai Yakuindom"), Kuroko Shirai ("Toaru Majutsu No index"), Mary Green ("Hatena☆Illusion"), peke ("to love Ru"), Etc.

a familiar face

In Ayakashi triangle - Chapter 3 had a small appearance of a character from other works he worked on Yabuki sensei, To run from "to love Ru“, with his own seijuu, fuyuka ono. Honestly, it was gratifying to see her again after such a long time. Also to be shown with the grandfather of Matsuri, His Kazamakilike he's a big fan of idols and possibly his own To run. Although this was not confirmed by this episode.

What is that, with that you can already say that both work, both"to love Ru" What "Ayakashi triangleThey practically share a universe. Though I don't expect the characters of "to love RuI won't deny that I'm much more aware of the "extra" characters in all scenes now. Also in those of previous episodes, looking for an acquaintance. Of course, the appearance of other characters may not be the only way they "collaborate". After all, the name of a company or a specific manga might appear.

Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 3

It is a pity that this remains in doubt when it is confirmed will occur Break after the next aired episode. As there is no date for the return to airing, I personally don't think it will be very far away. Because that will make the Blu Ray which were supposed to go on sale in March will now go on sale in September. And I think it would be weird to sell those Blu Ray before i come back Ayakashi triangle to actually end your broadcast. This is the only "positive" that can be gleaned from the ad. Unless they decide that returning to the show is already uncensored. Then I'm really happy.

By the way, what envy he gave Shirogane with his description of the rice balls he gave him suzu. And even more so after seeing his “representation”.

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