In the ONE PIECE anime, the audience of fans of the saga could finally see Luffy and Kaido face to face on the top of Onigashima. The Pirate in the Straw Hat and the Emperor begin their battle, which continues in ONE PIECE 1016. However, readers of the Weekly Shonen Jump manga will witness something else.

In fact, the clash is very close to the end. That ONE PIECE 1048 spoiler with pictures Take the story one step further.

  • The chapter is titled "20 Years";
  • Momonosuke keeps urging Onigashima to avoid Luffy's attack;
  • Kaido transforms into some kind of fire dragonthe technique is called "dragon of the great flame";
  • His body touches Onigashima's horn, which was left intact from Zoro's attack, and melts;
  • Luffy uses an attack called "Gom Gom no Bajrang Gun";
  • Kaido uses a new attack called "Shoryu: Kaen Hakke";
  • The scene changes and we find ourselves in the castle;
  • There are samurai who want Kaido defeated;
  • Kawamatsu recalls what happened after Oden's execution 20 years ago, beginning a flashback;
  • Kaido discovers that Oden has a son and decides to eliminate him and kill everyone who stands between him and the castle, even civilians.
  • Oden Castle comes into focus;
  • THAT Daimyo of Wano face off against Kaido and Orochi;
  • Tonoyasu and the other three samurai who were locked in the cell with Yamato go into battle but are all defeated.
  • Kaido begins enslaving the people of the land;
  • Back to the present, Orochi is still burning and trying to attack Komurasaki.
  • Denjiro comes and cuts off Orochi's head;
  • The people of Wano still throw lanterns with their own wishes, with some hoping to see Orochi dead and in Hell;
  • Luffy and Kaido execute their attacks imbued with the Conqueror King's haki on the last page of ONE PIECE 1048;

ONE PIECE 1048 will be officially released on MangaPlus on Sunday, May 8th, 2022.

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