Dragon Ball GT is the series that is often forgotten the most. In particular, with the advent of Dragon Ball Super, the events following Majin Buu, taking Goku on a stroll through the galaxy in the body of a child with Pan and Trunks by his side, seem to have lost their meaning - as well as their canonicity.

However, it remains true that the Super Saiyan 4 is one of the most popular Goku transformations of all time. Fans have always dreamed of seeing SSJ4 in Dragon Ball Super, although at the moment this proposal seems difficult given the course of the storyline. Meanwhile, illustrator Chien Chin Kang, who logs on to Twitter with the nickname Justin, has decided to give some meaning to this Saiyan form that we haven't seen in a while.

Justin has harnessed and produced ukiyo-e art, the traditional Japanese art used for paintings and portraits in the Land of the Rising Sun for years Fan art featuring Goku Super Saiyan 4 in Japanese style. Grim gaze with all-white pupils, monkey with golden halo behind and pose reminiscent of Shinto deities. A really nice way to pay homage to the version that appeared in Dragon Ball GT and Japanese art in one fell swoop.

Did you know how Super Saiyan 4 was born in Dragon Ball?

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