The Justice League is dead. With the release of Justice League #75 last week, all (or almost all) of the DC Universe's greatest heroes have been killed by Pariah and his dark army. But the problems are not over yet: In the preview of Dark Crisis #1, the remaining heroes prepare for the incursion of the Great Darkness.

The next DC Dark Crisis crossover event begins on May 7th with the release of Dark Crisis #0 FCBD Special Editionthe edition distributed for free on the occasion of Free Comic Book Day. The Dark Crisis #1 preview included in this issue was made available to all by DC Comics and Shows an orphaned Justice League world to confront a looming threat too big to handle.

The Dark Crisis event is written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Daniel Sampere. The publication of the event It is interspersed with numerous companion books dedicated to individual superheroescreated by various creative teams entitled Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League.

DC Comics also announced the release of a variant cover of Dark Crisis #7 (scheduled for release next December), which pays homage to George PΓ©rez, the legendary cartoonist who retired due to ill health. We're sharing this cover below, along with the preview of the first issue.

The release of Dark Crisis #1in the United States, is scheduled for May 31.

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