That first contact between Deku and Uraraka Outside of Yuei High School, the day the entrance exams were supposed to be held was pretty weird. The protagonist of My Hero Academia was saved from falling by the young woman who could manipulate gravity. From that moment on, the two blossomed into a special relationship.

The author has given space to the pair of Deku-Uraraka at different times, through which the feelings of both develop, albeit mainly This maturation took place mainly on the ochako side. So far in My Hero Academia, however, there have been no concrete events on this romantic front, with all that likely being postponed towards the end of the manga. But how does Daiki Yamashita, the Japanese voice actor of Izuku, think?

In an interview with Hero Fes, prompted by a question from colleague Ayane Sakura - who incidentally is the voice actress of Uraraka - she responds to the development of the relationship between the two characters. According to Yamashita, Ochako Uraraka is the person who is closest to Deku and who can create something romantic. "From what I can tell you now after reading the manga and working on the seasons, it seems that Uraraka is at the top of the list. [di Deku]. She is also a rival and friend who shares the same hero goal. I want to cheer on this relationship. Obviously love isn't zero, so who knows how Horikoshi will move in the future."

Likewise Yamashita then wants to see Deku and Uraraka together at the end of My Hero Academia. Horikoshi grants the wish with some accompanying illustrations, we'll see if he'll do it canonically at the end of the story as well.

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