Finally the next episode of the anime series Super Dragon Ball Heroes has an official release date. Based on the arcade video game of the same name, the promotional anime returns in late October and unleashes a new, epic battle.

While Goku Black Super Saiyan RosΓ© Full power was defeated, Son Goku and Vegeta are still banished to the dangerous Fictional universe created by Fu. In this place populated by bitter rivals, the two Saiyajins encounter the Hooded Warrior, who brings them the Dragon Balls as a gift.

In the next episode of the Big Bang Mission that is on. is broadcast October 24th, Goku and Vegeta will finally have the chance to go home. After escaping from the parallel universe, however, the two Z Warriors are immediately asked to face a new threat. there Final battle with the mad scientist Fu is coming!

Fu, introduced in the anime franchise from the beginningArch of the Prison Planet, is the one who moved the strings of Hearts during the Universe mission and is now leading the movements of Goku Black. The long argument with this antagonist will therefore end in the course of the next episodes of the non-canonical anime. there true extent of Fu's power, however, is still unknown. Will Goku and Vegeta be able to get rid of this threat?

We leave you the preview of Super Dragon Ball Heroes and the new key visual of the anime.

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